Blind Alley in the search for John Campbell (2)

Through an internet forum, I had been put in touch with a Campbell from the Strachur line of Campbell’s who had links to Argentina. He had taken it upon himself to maintain a large database of the Strachur Campbells which was generously sprinkled with Johns.

He helped weed out the obviously irrelevant and then focussed on a few which could possible have been Isabel’s father. He came up with rumours, myth and conjecture which whilst interesting in its own right did not help my cause.


Arms of the Duke of Argyll

Then we were left with one last throw of the dice. A story of a Campbell who was related to a Duke of Argyll and who had loved estancia life in Argentina. But, because of speculation he lost all of his money and returned to the UK to spend the last years of his life in a mental institution. Could this be my man? My source needed to unearth a letter from the 10th Duke of Argyll to his grandfather which might provide more information.

A fews days later the letter in question, dated 1928, was found but the individual was not a Campbell as he was a relative on the Duke’s maternal side, his name was not John and the relevant date was almost 50 years too early. Another source and another potential John Campbell had now been extinguished.


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