Scottish Migrants to Argentina

It is surprising that so little is written about one of the earliest migrant groups to Argentina especially as many of their descendants became important contributors to the development of the country.

In 1825, a group of Scottish migrants sailed out of Leith for the nascent state of Argentina to set up a colony at Monte Grande, near Buenos Aires. They were mainly farmers and farm-workers escaping the poor economic conditions in Scotland at that time. They and many other Scots who followed them became successful, sheep and cattle farmers, landowners and merchants. Many were also instrumental in developing Scottish churches and schools, and introducing sport into the Argentine.

doods settlers

Much of this early history I discovered in an obscure book, Scottish Settlers on the River Plate and Their Churches, by James Dodds. Many names included in the book helped me to develop the family trees of two of my John Campbells who had ancestors who had sailed out of Scotland on that early migrant ship.

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