Finding an editor

The first draft of my book, Seeking John Campbell, was completed some time ago. It was a self-satisfying experience, but it was obvious that it needed a lot of work. It was certainly not in publishable form for many reasons; punctuation, grammar, flow and readability. I needed an editor.

I stumbled across Eleanor Blow (now Leese) from an internet search, who had an interest in history. Although editing is her day job writing romantic novels as Ellie Darkins is her passion. Her response was immediate, our relationship began and advice started to flow.

Eleanor was enthusiastic about the subject of the book and gently nudged me to modify its flow and to exclude some irrelevancies. Her advice throughout was always pertinent and her encouragement kept me going through the numerous edits. If any editing can be called a pleasure Eleanor seemed to make it so, promptly replying to my requests for advice and producing punctual and concise edit reports at each stage of the process.

front page Jock
Back then I had a working title which has not changed and I mocked up my first bland book cover (see above) which has changed.

A year later Eleanor had completed the final copy-edit and I could consider the route to publication. See

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