Pitfalls of self-publishing service companies

For the IT literate some of the steps towards self-publishing can be self-taught but for a professional end-product some skills need to be outsourced.

A simple internet search will provide many self- or vanity-publishing service providers and some are one-stop-shops that will take a writer all the way from draft to Amazon bookstore. But on closer inspection and by reading the small print there is a risk of incurring a high cost, losing some control and rights to the end product, and ending up with a jack of all trades master of none service.

David Gaughran’s excellent website has a very apt blog which convinced me to consider carefully each stage of the process.


David Gaughran

penguin (1)Writing is a glamorous occupation – at least from the outside. Popular depictions of our profession tend to leave out all the other stuff that comes with the territory: carpal tunnel syndrome, liver failure, penury, and madness.

Okay, okay, I jest. I love being a writer. Sharing stories with the world and getting paid for it is bloody brilliant. It’s a dream job, and like any profession with a horde of neophytes seeking to break in, there are plenty of sharks waiting to chew them to bits.

Publishing is a screwed up business. The often labyrinthine path to success makes it much easier for those with nefarious intentions to scam the unsuspecting. But it doesn’t help that so many organizations who claim to help writers, to respect them, to assist them along the path to publication are actually screwing them over.

Before the digital revolution made self-publishing viable on a…

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