USA withholding tax on book sales

I may not have a blockbuster on my hands but it is disconcerting when you discover that any royalties earned on book sales in the USA will be subject to a 30% withholding tax.

logo irs

However Karen Inglis’ blog on this subject came to the rescue again.  As there is a double taxation agreement with the UK one can avoid the withholding by applying for an EIN.

Karen gives instructions on how this can be done simply by a telephone call to the USA. It was very easy and I now have an EIN which I can register with my POD suppliers and avoid the withholding on USA sales.


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1 Response to USA withholding tax on book sales

  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks for this one. It was really easy to get an EIN by phone. Things changed very recently at the IRS. If you are a Brit you only need your national insurance number, no need for a ITIN or an EIN See:
    and how to fill in the forms step by step:

    Also click on Catherine’s contact link. She has a most amusing way of stopping time wasters bothering her.


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