Seeking John Campbell

signed “…excellent for anyone who likes reading real-life adventures…”

See full review by Rebecca McNutt HERE

four starsGoodreads

“Written with the verve of a detective, the tenacity of an academic, and the creativity of a novelist…”

See full review by David Lankester HERE

four gold starsAmazon

 “The research undertaken is incredible – the history and biographies are wonderfully detailed… a thoughtful first-person narrative that never grows tired or dull…”

 See full review by Family Tree magazine HERE

“The historical framing and intimate life events of those he writes of make for an enjoyable and dramatic true tale well told.”

See full review by Kassie Ritman HERE

four starsGoodreads

 “…Knowing Isabel was born in Argentina and her father was John Campbell he painstakingly narrowed Isabel’s potential male parent down to three men and researched their individual histories. These he skillfully wove together from the eighteenth century onwards, along with huge amounts of historical information to make their stories really come alive.”

See full review by Heir Hunters Association HERE

 “…Seeking John Campbell is a spectacular example of what might lie beyond the names and dates, and Daffurn’s story is an inspiration for researchers.I really enjoyed this book! Can you tell?”

See full review by T K Sand HERE

five starsLibraryThing

 “…a well-written historical account of three men – each coincidentally called John Campbell – who may be the unknown father of Isabel Greig. In discovering the stories of these three men, the author tells the history of the twentieth century though the prism of three families.”

                See full review by Sandra Danby HERE

three gold starsAmazon

“…kept me engaged from start to finish..”

See full review by Jess d’Zerts HERE

five starsGoodreads

Seeking John Campbell, preparing for publication” is now the category containing my posts about the transition from manuscript to publication.

3 Responses to Seeking John Campbell

  1. As a genealogist and a writer, I am looking forward to reading your book!


  2. Anthony L. Daffurn says:

    Hi John, Just out of interest have you done your own family history ? I am also a Daffurn and was involved in the history of this family name in many of its spellings. Do contact me if you have any revelatons in this direction. Best regards Tony


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