George Glover (1812-1890)

Both Rock House and Rock Terrace in Stamford were designed by George Glover whilst in his twenties. They were his earliest commissions by wealthy newspaper proprietor Richard Newcomb and are considered to be the finest examples of Victorian domestic architecture in Stamford.

The indentity of the architect of these two buildings was unknown until John Daffurn stumbled across the name whilst researching for Stamford Tenants. This discovery attracted the attention of Professor James Stevens Curl, the eminent architectural historian and editor of the Oxford Dictionary of Architecture.

Curl was enthusiastic about these two buildings in Stamford, of which he was already aware, and staggered at the unearthing of the previously unknown architect. He suggested to John that more research be undertaken to understand the life and works of an architect about whom little was known. The result is this short biography.

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