I am not really a writer but I have written. It started as a genealogical exercise but I uncovered some amazing stories in the process and felt compelled to commit to paper. That resulted in my first book Seeking John Campbell: finding pioneers and patriots in the pampas which was published in 2015. You can read more about the process here.

Genealogy has always been an interest for me but my career as a pharmaceutical executive working in five countries never allowed me the time nor the opportunity for research. Since retirement in 2009 things changed, and I was able to split my time being voluntary work, travel, skiing and genealogy, which in turn led to the writing. As for the travel, that has often taken the form of solo train journeys, see Train travel.

In 2017, I started work on a small personal exercise to discover who had lived/owned the Grade II listed house we had lived in for almost twenty years. It proved easier that i had expected to identified all oners or occupiers from 1842 when it was built until 2017. some interesting facts emerged and as with my first book I felt compelled again to put something in writing. But this time for the whole terrace of ten houses in which we lived.

The result is a book which is due to be published later in 2020. See Stamford Tenants

Stamford Tenants was a success locally, but also drew orders from friends and relatives of those who had previously lived in the terrace, not only from across the Uk but also from Canada and Australia. It also drew the attention of Professor James Stevens Curl (architectural historian and Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of Architecture) who was surprised and delighted that I had discovered the architect of this fine Victorian building.

Curl encouraged me to use my research skills to uncover more about this unknown arcitect and write a biography. This is now complete and will be published in November 2022 as George Glover (1812-1890): the unfulfilled potential of a Victorian architect.

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