George Glover (1812-1890): the unfulfilled potential of a Victorian architect

John Daffurn’s latest book is due to be published on 4 November 2022

Between 1839 and 1842, a wealthy newspaper proprietor in Stamford, England, commissioned a group of fine Victorian buildings by an architect who until recently, had remained unknown. The designer of these buildings has now been identified as George Glover, and despite the quality of this work, by an architect in his twenties, little knowledge of him exists in the literature. Glover was born in York, the son of a whitesmith, and his eldest sister married Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803-1882), the well-known Catholic architect and inventor of the Hansom cab. Glover’s life is trailed from York to the coastal town of Lowestoft where he declined, after exhibiting so much early promise, into relative obscurity.

ISBN 9780993147937

72 pages Full colour

57 illustrations 189mm x 246mm

With a Foreword by Professor James Stevens Curl, eminent architectural historian and editor of the Oxford Dictionary of Architecture

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