Book Signing at Walkers, Stamford

Walkers in Stamford hosted a book signing yesterday.

signing 1

signing 2

The gentleman above was a Campbell and was drawn to the cover of my book Seeking John Campbell.

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Ready for book signing tomorrow

Walkers bookshop in Stamford doing a great job with shelf display of Seeking John Campbell prior to book signing tomorrow 11am to 1pm

walkers signing

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Book trailer

Take a look at this short video to promote Seeking John Campbell and if inclined please share or like.


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Published Today !!!

Five years after starting some innocuous research, three years after I started writing and one year after starting to edit and work towards self-publication my book is out for all to see.Seeking John Campbell FRONT COVER-page-001

Seeking John Campbell:

Finding pioneers and patriots in the pampas

Amateur genealogist John Daffurn discovers the remarkable family histories of three John Campbells, one of whom could be the father of the illegitimate Isabel whose name was randomly plucked from a UK government list of unclaimed estates. If Isabel’s father can be identified will living heirs, who could claim her estate, emerge?

More information can be found on this website and my social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter). Please Like me or Follow me to spread the word amongst your own friends and colleagues.

And if you like what you see you can buy the book at :

           OR Kindle

                    Amazon.compaperback OR Kindle

                    Barnes & Noblepaperback OR NOOK

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Close to self-publication

Getting ones ducks in a row….

My official publication date is tomorrow 3 February but making sure all the marketing channels are open at the same time is a nightmare.


My book was uploaded to CS some time ago. I chose to use them for Amazon distribution worldwide but I did not chose the expanded distribution option. I didnt press the approve button until I needed to (see IS) below. Once approved my book was live within hours on various Amazon websites globally.

Ingram Spark (IS)

I also uploaded without problem some time ago and use them for all distribution channels (you cannot pick and choose). CS would always take precedence as the distributor for Amazon but IS can get to other distributors and book shops. Because I read that it could take six weeks to filter through to the outlets I pressed approve early but to my dismay I found it live on Amazon the next day. It weas Ok in the UK as it was only listed for pre-order but you could actually buy a copy in the USA as doesn’t feature pre-order for books. I had to get IS to unpublish until closer to tomorrow.

Kindle Direct

I uploaded the ebook version easily to Kindle some time ago and it appeared on Amazon globally on a pre-order basis.


I uploaded to Smashwords for distribution of all other ebook formats. It appeared on the various outlets as a pre-order until tomorrow. I also used the discount coupon system to provide free or discount epub versions to friends, family and those that have helped me with the book.

By tomorrow all avenues to sale will be open for business.


Final mailshots are going out today and tomorrow.

Final pre publication social media content prepared.

Radio interview tomorrow morning.

Book signing next Saturday.

National and local magazines reviewing book in March editions out mid to end Febraury.

FINGERS CROSSED !!Seeking John Campbell FRONT COVER-page-001



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John Campbell in the UK

When the wife of one of the John Campbells became pregnant her wish was to return to the UK for the birth. From 1910 to 1913 they lived at various rented properties in the UK and had two children before returning to Argentina.

pool hall blog

First at Pool Hall in Hartington, Derbyshire

the mount blog

Then at The Mount, Quarndon, Derbyshire

coombe blog

And finally at Coombe House in Uley, Gloucestershire

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Stamford Mercury Article

Author uncovers ‘remarkable’ families of John Campbell is the headline of an article in this weeks edition of the Stamford Mercury.

The Mercury have run the article about Seeking John Campbell to promote my book signing on the 7 February in our lovely local bookshop. walkers full shop


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