Original family history documents

Whilst the internet speeds up genealogical research it lacks the buzz of discovering an original document and holding it.

From a preservation point of view digitisation ensures that old documents remain available to all for ever. Whilst many smaller archives restrict access to the originals the National Archives at Kew remains a goldmine for those that wish to have direct contact with the past.

All you have to do is register as a member and watch a document handling tutorial. Then you can access original wills, war diaries, goverment papers etc.

thoma daffron                                    Thoma Daffron entry (top line)

In my case whilst researching the history of my family surname I came across a tax record for Thoma Daffron dated 1393. Donning white gloves at the National Archives I was able to unroll the original parchment scroll, from the reign of Richard II, and see his name for myself. Fantastic!.


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